Aims, Ethos & Core Values

Brooklands School is a middle school for aged 9 to 13  (Years 5 to 9).

At Brooklands our aim is to provide a caring, safe, secure, happy and protective environment in which each child can develop their full potential.  This is encapsulated in our mission statement “High Expectation, High Achievement”.

Planned and effective liaison with our feeder Lower Schools ensure that the children who enter out school are well prepared to continue to develop new skills and abilities and retain their enthusiasm for learning so that by the time they transfer to their chosen Upper School they are confident independent learners, well-motivated and prepared for the challenges ahead.

At Brooklands children are recognised as individuals with their own special needs and preferred ways of learning.  We do our best to cater for each child as an individual and through setting achievable targets provide clear guidance as to how they can progress and take the next educational steps in every area of the taught curriculum and beyond.  In recognising children as individuals we are very aware of the need for a climate of mutual respect to exist between teacher and student and where students can develop and grow in a risk free and supportive environment.

It is important to understand that all children have Special Educational Needs and as many as one in five may need additional special help and support at some time during their school career.  These needs may not only arise as a result of learning difficulties but also from having special talents.  While we do our best to meet every child’s individual needs if they cannot be met within the school then separate education may be made.


  • We aim to help students to develop:-

  • Lively, enquiring minds and a love of learning.

  • The ability to question and to argue rationally and to think for themselves.

  • Qualities of spirit, feeling and imagination, and an appreciation of beauty.

  • The ability to work hard and to succeed at tasks.

  • The ability to work independently and with other people.

  • An appreciation of human achievement and endeavour.

  • A sense of self-respect, self-confidence and self-reliance.


Brooklands serves its community by providing a caring, safe happy and protective environment in which each student can develop their full potential. During the Middle Years our young people grow and mature into confident, hardworking and caring young people. They embrace the high expectations we have of them to achieve academic and personal success and acquire strong values, display good conduct and show respect for themselves and others. This is encapsulated in our Mission Statement - ‘High Expectation High Achievement’.