Behaviour and Rewards

We want our learners to be ready to learn, to be respectful of each other and to feel safe.

At Brooklands we have adopted a Restorative Practice approach to behaviour. Restorative Practice helps us to form respectful relationships and therefore feel more confident, open and happy. It aims to ensure that we all learn to build and uphold respectful and collaborative relationships that make a difference to our well-being. We believe that children with a consistently high well-being are more open to learn and participate within school, improving their academic achievements.

We have adopted this as a whole staff approach and they have all been trained to ask open questions to engage the pupils:

  • “What happened?”
  • “What were you thinking at the time?”
  • “What have you thought since?”
  • “How did this make people feel?”
  • “Who has been affected?”
  • “How have they been affected?”

Everybody gets to have their say and then finally, each person involved is encouraged to consider what is expected of them:

  • “What should we do to put things right?”
  • “How can we do things differently in the future?”
At Brooklands we believe in recognising positive behaviour. Staff will use recognition boards in each lesson targeted at ‘Learning Attitudes’ not just functional behaviours. Names or tallies go on the board to recognise learners who are demonstrating the desired learning attitude

To record positive behaviour we use a program called Class Charts. Positive points can be spent in the online reward store and also count towards form, year and house competitions that run throughout the year.

Pupils are able to track their own behaviour and parents and guardians can view their child’s behaviour by creating an account to use either online or through the Class Charts app.

To request a new parent or pupil log in code for Class Charts please contact the school reception.