Brooklands Library

Hello Readers!
Welcome to the library at Brooklands.  Our part time librarian is Mrs Burley and she is in the library everday running clubs and encouraging the children's love of learning. 
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Library Newsletter
Each month our librarian and her junior assistants put together a newsletter for the library to keep you updated with what is going on and recommended reads. Find them here!
Miss Potten's Scholastic Book Club
Miss Potten runs a book club where the students and adults can purchase books from. For every £1 spent the school receives 20p to spend on their own books for the library. To browse the books or order use the following link or simply send the paper order and cheque/cash into Miss Potten.
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Book of the Month!
Twice Magic
by Cressida Cowell
AR Quiz No. 234876 EN Fiction
Accelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: MY - BL: 6.8 - AR Pts: 9.
The much awaited sequel to the very popualr 'Wizard of Once'. Witches are creating havoc in the Wildwoods. Wish is a Warrior girl in possession of a powerful, Magic Spelling Book. Xar is a Wizard boy with a dangerous Witchstain on his hand. Separated by the highest wall, time is running out... 
Waterstones says.......

'The detail of Cowell's world is a delight ...This one will run and run.' - The Observer

Enter a land of wizards, warriors, mythical creatures and powerful magic in an exciting fantasy adventure from the author of How To Train Your Dragon.

Witches are creating havoc in the Wildwoods and danger lurks behind every tree trunk. Wish is in possession of a powerful, Magic Spelling Book. Xar has a dangerous Witchstain on his hand.

Wish and Xar are separated by the highest wall imaginable. But time is running out ...

It was unlikely that these heroes should meet in the first place. Is it possible they are destined to meet TWICE?





Word Millionaires!
Congratulations to Josh, Grace, Casey and Ethan our first word Millionaires this year! They have been presented with a 'Word Millionaire' Goody Bag.
A £10 book token has also been awarded to Josh for hitting two million words in November!
Library Clubs
Audio Book Club (Monday lunch time 12.45 - 1.15) - We are listening to 'Shadow' by Michael Morpurgo.  As well as listening to the audio the group completed word searches, mindfulness colouring, Q&A's and research connected to the text.
Whovians (Wednesday lunchtimes) - Meet weekly to discuss, research, read stories about the Doctor Who series! We have recently purchased a new set of books for the club to use.
Junior Librarians (Lunchtimes daily) - A group of pupils that assist in the Library one lunch time per week. Get involved in writing the Library Newsletter, assisting with organising resources, choosing Author of the Month, Genre Focus, fundraising ideas and lots more. There is currently a waiting list for Junior Librarians.
'You are the Hero' club (Thursday lunch time 12.30 - 1.15) - Using the Fighting Fantasy series you become the hero and choose your characters destiny through these interactive novels, also known as gamebooks.