Brooklands Mum Climbs Kilimanjaro

17th July 2018
The parent of Lucas Capitano, a Year 6 pupil at Brooklands School, is climbing Mount Kilamanjaro in the summer holidays.  This is Leanne Capitano's reasonswhy:-
"So I set off up the mountain on 17th August all 5,895M - 19,340ft of it hopefully! The trek will take a week to complete. It's something Iv wanted to do for years. A year ago I finally decided enough thinking about it and time to get it booked! I had a think about charities to raise money for, but decided that I'd love to do it for something close to my heart and that effects lukies and my life every day. As he's dyslexic he finds some things like reading quite tricky therefore he gets lots of support from the SEN department at school which really helps him! Miss Cadden in particular has had a huge input in to Lucas' time so far at the school.

 Lucas uses a reader pen; a scanner that reads out words for him. He doesn't use this to read for him, but just to help him if he gets stuck or to keep up to speed with the rest of the class. They are very expensive, but our target is to raise £500 to fund 2 of these pens for the SEN department so that other students can benefit from them too. If we manage to exceed our target, Lucas suggested buying some special dyslexia friendly books for the library which I think is a fantastic idea!

 Lucas works so hard and is determined not to let being dyslexic hold him back, I'm very proud of him and the progress he's making, I hope I can make him proud of me and make it to the summit of Kilimanjaro!

Our go fund me page is 'leanne climbs Kilimanjaro' which can also be found through Facebook."
All the staff and pupils of Brooklands School wish Leanne good luck and all our best wishes in this fantastic challenge.  Pictured with the flag that his Mum will leave at the top of the Mountain is Lucas Capitano.