Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Students should behave in such a manner that they cause no harm to others or damage to property, nor harm the reputation of the school.

All students should be smart in appearance and appropriately dressed for all school activities.

Students should listen carefully to teachers and speak to them and to others politely and with respect.

Students should work quietly and sensibly in class, not distracting or annoying others, and show courtesy and consideration at all times.

No bullying of any kind will be tolerated.

Students should move calmly and quietly about the school.

Students should take care of the school buildings and surroundings.

Students must not leave the premises during the school day without permission.

Students should have the right equipment for each lesson.

Students should show care and concern for each other.

EVERYONE is entitled to make the best of their learning opportunities. NO ONE has the right to reduce the learning opportunities of others.

EVERYONE has a responsibility to ensure the best possible learning for everyone else.

Students to have an awareness of the needs of others in and out of the classroom.

Students must accept the consequences if they ignore these responsibilities.

 Failure to abide to this Code of Conduct will result in sanctions being imposed. The sanctions imposed will depend on the severity of the incident of poor behaviour.