Brooklands Whole School Curriculum 2019_20

Dear Parents / Guardians

Pupils have made a fantastic start to the year and already, we have seen outstanding work across the school.

Keeping you informed about what your child is learning this year is important to us. It gives you the opportunity to see how you can best support your child’s learning outside of school and also to see how we are making learning links across our curriculum.

Our intention is to provide your child with a balanced, creative and broad curriculum that will give them a school experience that fosters intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.
As well as academic content we aim to give your child opportunities to develop character building skills that will benefit them in every stage of their school life and beyond.

The long term goals for our curriculum are that pupils and staff will become confident, curious, creative and committed teachers and learners through collaboration and improved communication with each other. Every pupil at Brooklands is an individual and we are confident that our new curriculum will give them opportunities to be ambitious, articulate and resilient as well as having the benefit of specialised subject teaching to develop their enthusiasm for knowledge and practical skills.
Mrs Ashwell
Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning, Curriculum