Literacy is central to all learning. We are constantly striving to improve attainment in all areas of literacy – reading, writing, speaking and listening – using a wide range of exciting, enjoyable, active and interactive materials. 

In Year 5 pupils are taught English in their form groups and from Year 6 they are taught in groups according to their ability.

Please see the English Topics Overview below to see what pupils are currently studying in English.

Throughout the week of SATs, there will be FREE breakfast available in school from 8am. It is essential that pupils eat a nutritious breakfast in order to fuel their brains in preparation for their SATs tests.

The SATs dates are as follows for English:
Monday 11th May - Grammar and spelling

Tuesday 12th May - Reading

Please phone Reception as soon as possible if your child is absent for any reason on those days.

Please see the 2018 SATs tests below to help you understand what types of questions are asked.

In the summer term, you will receive a letter with details of your child's SATs results. It will contain a raw and scaled score. To give you more detail of those, please see the 2018 Scaled Scores conversion table below.

Please see below for some really great links containing information, resources and videos on how you can support your child at home in preparation for the English SATs tests.

KS2 Writing
In Year 5 and 6 the Curriculum requires pupils to work towards a tick list of requirements. The standard of writing is high and pupils will start to work towards this in Year 5. Please see the
Year 6 Writing Checklist checklist below, alongside the Year 5 and Year 6 Spellings that children are required to learn and use correctly throughout KS2. There are also some examples of writing from the Government to show what writing looks like at ‘working towards expected’, ‘working at expected’ and ‘working above expected’.

KS2 Reading
We are passionate about reading at Brooklands and teach English through a book based curriculum. This means that all activities in English lessons are based on the text that they are currently reading. See below for a
Brilliant Book List suggested for Years 5 and 6. You will also find a list of Reading Question Stems that you can use at home to support your child's comprehension skills.

KS3 English
At Key Stage 3 our aim is to build on the hard work in the previous Key Stage to develop English skills in all areas of the subject – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students are encouraged to read a wide range of fiction and non–fiction texts. They are taught the key skills of comprehension, inference and close textual analysis that will be so important when they begin studying for GCSEs in upper school. Students write in a variety of text types and styles for a variety of audiences and purposes. Opportunities are given for students to take part in discussions, debates as well as formal and informal presentations. As well as their work in lessons, students are encouraged to take part in trips and other experiences beyond the classroom. We want our students to be successful in English Literature and English Language but we also want them to enjoy the pleasures of reading and of writing.

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Miss Stachini
Director of Languages and Communication

English Department Staff:
Ms L Stachini - Director of English
Mr I Aspey - KS3 Co-ordinator of English
Mrs A Morris - Teacher of English
Miss S Quick - Teacher of English
Mrs S Baines - Teacher of English
Mrs S White - Teacher of English
Mrs S Brodigan - Teacher of English
Mr J Barnett - Teacher of English (Intervention)