English and Literacy KS2

English and Literacy

 Literacy is central to all learning. We are constantly striving to improve attainment in all areas of literacy – reading, writing, speaking and listening – using a wide range of exciting, enjoyable, active and interactive materials.

Students are taught English and Literacy in groups according to their ability and are also taught in these groups for other subjects, where literacy skills are needed. The enjoyment of language through reading independently and in shared reading sessions is encouraged at all ability levels. Our library gives students the opportunity to read and to borrow books for pleasure as well as to undertake independent guided research.

Learning a modern foreign language gives students further opportunities to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and to express themselves in that language with increased fluency, confidence and independence.

Year 5 Homework- Letters from the Lighthouse
This Autumn term the Year 5s have been reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. The book follows the journey of a young girl during her evacuation.  She meets lots of interesting people and discovers the town have been smuggling Jewish refugees across from Austria and Germany. As part of their homework some Year 5s chose to make their own evacuee suitcase, filled with all the things they would have taken. They were so good we had to share some photos with you. Two students from 5WRS even brought in real gas masks from WW2 to share with the class.  Thanks to all the parents and carers who worked hard with their children on this homework.
Miss Potten
Year 6 SATS Results
Wow! The Year 6 cohort have had amazing SAT results this year, with 70% of the Year group achieving national average in their Reading SAT. It is so deserved after all the hard work the students and teachers have put into this year. The hard work certainly pays off - well done Year 6!
You will shortly receive a letter with details of your child's results. It will give you a raw/ scaled score and to help you make sense of those please read the conversion table attached below. For now all teachers have privately revealed the results to their students to save them waiting for the letter. They will be able to share this with you this evening unless they chose to wait for their letter home.
Congratulations Year 6 and thank you parents/ carers for all your support and work at home.
Miss Potten and the English Department
Year 5 Harry Potter Trip
Year 5 visited the Harry Potter Studios this week as they are currently reading Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. The tour offered the children a chance to go behind the scenes of the magical films. They were able to take a walk through (if they dared) the eerie 'Forbidden Forest,' sit on the Hogwarts Express and drink Butterbeer - there was even a life size Diagon Alley to walk down! The children had a truly 'wizarding' time.
Year 6 SATs Preparation:
As we approach the Year 6 SATs I wanted to keep you updated with preparations. The children have been working incredibly hard and we are really proud of everything they are achieving and thank you for your support at home.  Throughout the week of SATs there is free breakfast available in school from 8am. It is a great way to help your child feel prepared as they are energised with a good breakfast, have time to relax and talk to friends and are awake, ready to go! Please encourage them to come in for the breakfast club. It will be by the kitchen where it normally is.
The SAT dates are as follows for English:
Monday 14th May - GPS
Tuesday 15th May- Reading 
If your child is absent for any reason on those days please phone Reception to let them know.
To help you understand the SATs format I have attached last years papers. All English classes have looked at this recently to practice taking the tests. There is also a poster about relaxation and breathing techniques for any students who suffer with their nerves. We want the SATs to be like a normal school day for them and so they will take place in their English rooms with their English teacher unless other arrangements have been made for one to one support. 
If you have any questions or are worried about your child over the next few weeks please contact their English teacher who will be more than happy to help. Good luck Year 6, you are all amazing! We are proud of you.
Year 6 10 for 10 Easter Homework.
Every child in Year 6 who will be sitting the SAT examinations has been sent home with a letter regarding the 10 for 10 revision homework over Easter. They have two booklets; reading and GPS. Each booklet has a short 5-10 minute activity they can complete Monday to Friday to help keep the revision and hard work we have been doing in school fresh in their minds.
All English teachers have added this information and the resources, including answers onto SHOWMYHOMEWORK. They are also availale below. Please support us in preparing your child for these tests by encouraging them to complete what they can over the holiday.
Happy Easter!
Brooklands English Dept
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KS2 Writing
In Year 5 and 6 the Curriculum requires the children to work towards a ticklist of requirements. The standard of writing is high and the children will start to work towards this in Year 5. We have attached the ticksheet for you, alongside the spellings that children are required to learn and use correctly throughout KS2. There are also some examples from the Government of what a child who is working towards, at and above the curriculum should look like. Have a read of these as they will help you understand what your children are aiming for. Any questions please speak to your child's English teacher. 
KS2 Reading
Brooklands are passionate about reading and teach English through a book based curriculum. This means that all of our activities are based on the text that they are reading. For example in Year 5 we read The BFG by Roald Dahl and make snozzcumbers, dream jars, write dream narratives, newspaper reports and much more.  You will find here suggested reading for Year 3-6 from Twinkl. There is also guidance as to which book we study in each year, each term.