Great Art websites *updated 18.04.20

Links for great art websites – will be updated regularly – this update 18.04.20 Art games and fun art history resources tonnes of resources and activities from the Tate All things to do with design (American) colouring books from 115 museums, fascinating. Paper engineering projects amazing free art projects Amazing resources and interesting facts Some brilliant art games digital collage fun strange digital drawing amazing pixel art website Step by step drawing lessons KS2 CBBC art / creative games Everything to do with the psychology of colour – so interesting! (It’s an American site so they spell colour differently, remember in English it has a ‘u’ in it!) The Dali Museum - Florida The British Museum - London The Guggenheim Museum – New York The Louvre - Paris The National Gallery - London Drawing tutorials - new one added every week More drawing tutorials Google Arts and Culture – OMG so much to look at here! Make your own mixed up animals and combined creatures find out about artists you’ve heard about and some you haven’t