Important Message from Bluebells After School Club

26th April 2016
Dear Parents
We totally understand everyone reading the Leighton Buzzard Observer would be alarmed by the terminology used and the implication that there is a safeguarding issue. The investigation process that is referred to is the application process and this is standard practice when receiving an application. We would like to thank our parents for their support and loyalty and for trusting in us, for the sake of transparency we have included the following information.
Safeguarding is an umbrella term used and the definition is ‘promoting childrens’ wellbeing and welfare and putting measures into place that will improve childrens’ safety and prevent abuse’. This term is very broad and covers all aspects of childcare from food and drink to staff qualifications and training and suitability to providers. It is the suitability aspect of the registration process that they are referring to.  As part of our re-registration process suitability checks must be undertaken, this is standard protocol and applies to all settings applying to be registered by Ofsted as set out in the ‘Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook’.
Our legal team asked the LBO if they could see the article before it went to print but were refused by the reporter and all three editors failed to respond to the email.  We were concerned that the wording used to make a ‘story’ may panic our families and we are really sorry that unfortunately exactly that has happened.  We can only apologise yet again for the inconvenience this situation has caused to all our families.
Thank you for your understanding on this matter.  Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the email address below.
Kind regards
Emma Lenander and Robbie Keats
Bluebell Childcare