Primary Proms October 2019

On October 9th 174 year 5 pupils and 18 members of staff had a fantastic cultural day in London. We were lucky to be allotted tickets for the Royal Albert Hall to experience the Music for Youth Primary Proms. Pupils also had the choice to go to one of the museums in Kensington, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum or the Victoria & Albert Museum.
What a fantastic day! The pupil's behaviour was impeccable and they made us so proud, we even had members of the general public complimenting us on how well behaved and polite our pupils were.
It was a real privilege to go on the trip with our pupils and we look forward to the next cultural trip! 
Our Primary Proms trip by Chloe W Year 5
My trip at Primary Proms was fantastic! It was interesting and inspiring. I just wanted to add a huge thank you to all the staff that came on the trip also to Mrs Ashwell for making it possible for all of us to come.
At the start of the trip we had to be there by 07.40am. Then we got into our specialised register of groups. I was in Mrs Risings group but there were several more adults that had less than 15 children. Then we went on the coaches and there were three coaches. They were A to C. It took one hour, maybe two I think.
We arrived at the Royal Albert Hall and found our seats in the main area. Then we listened to 9 to 19 year old children, there was a choir and lots of music (even latin music). After that we walked to another building, the V&A and ate our lunches there.
After lunch we went to big rooms filled with statues and art. I saw a colossal TV! Then we crossed some roads and went for a little play then went to our coaches and set off for home. We were stuck in a bit of traffic on the way there and back, but we got there safely. Then we arrived at Brooklands at about 17.34pm. Then I was tired out and went home.
The Primary Proms trip by Myles.
On Wednesday 9th October 2019 some year 5 and 6 went to the Royal Albert Hall in London.
We travelled there by coach and it took about 2 and a half hours to get there.
First we went to the royal Albert Hall. It was really big, there were questions about the hall on a screen, the answers were interesting. We saw the Primary proms and we listened to lots of different types of music. I liked the Jazz section because the people played an electric guitar.
Next we went to the Natural History Museum. We saw a T-Rex robot, a blue Whale skeleton and a giraffe skeleton. After that we got on the coach and came home. We had  great day. Thanks you to Mrs Ashwell for arranging it.