Q&A Booklet for Pupils Returning in September

28th August 2020
Dear Parent/Carer,
I trust you are all well and enjoying a lovely summer break. 
I am pleased to be sending you our updated parent/ pupil booklet with all the arrangements for our return to school from Monday 7th September. We have tried to make the booklet as pupil friendly as we can and would appreciate you taking the time to sit down and read this with your children fully so that we are all prepared for our return to school. 
As always your safety and wellbeing are our prime focus and we will spend a lot of time with your children going over the guidance and helping them to understand how we can make school as safe as possible. We are more than excited to have the children back in school learning but also have a lot of new things to consider as I'm sure you can appreciate. 
We believe the arrangements we have put in place will keep everyone as safe as possible and have included lots of details in this booklet. If, after reading, you still have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch via email. The school phone will be back on fully from Friday 4th September as well but sadly we are still having to ask parents to refrain from coming on site unless there is an emergency.   
We will continue to keep you updated with any major changes as the term goes on. This is a new way of working for all of us but we are fully committed to getting children back into school safely and sensibly. We are looking forward to seeing all the children on their dedicated return day and hearing about all the lovely things they've been doing over the summer. 
Thank you for your patience, support and understanding as always. 
Julie Hodgson