Save the Rhino charity awareness

Year 5 have recently produced some incredible artwork, literacy and discussion about Rhinoceroses. We started off by looking at a famous print of a Rhino by Durer then developed that into discussing the future of Rhinos in the wild. Pupils drew emotional pictures of Rhinos and wrote some fantastic diary entries and letters to the "Last Rhino" on earth. We felt they were so good, we sent them off to the  "Save the Rhino" charity so they could see how we feel about Rhinos.
Today we received a lovely letter, certificate, magazines and personal messages from the charity. The letter reads:
Dear Pupils and Staff of Brooklands Middle School,
On behalf of everyone at Save the Rhino International, I would like to say a huge thank you for sharing your "Last Rhino" letters and artwork. During last month's team meeting I shared the artwork and read out some of the letters to members of staff. Everybody loved them so much we have a few of them on display on our office walls.
Thank you for taking a keen interest in rhinos and wanting to raise awareness for rhino conservation. The passion that every one of you felt for rhinos really shone through in your letters. Together, with supporters like yourselves, we know that we can stop poaching and habitat loss so that, by 2036, when you are all adults, black rhinos, Sumatran rhinos and Javan rhinos will no longer be critically endangered.
We really appreciate your support in helping all five rhino species to thrive in the wild for future generations,
Best Wishes,
Adam Shaffer
What a lovely letter to receive and to know that we've made a difference, however small, to rhinos in the wild. Keep going Year 5 this could be the start of something really rather special!