Ever wondered why most leaves are green? Why do seashells sound like the ocean? Why do we see 'lightning' before we hear 'thunder'?

At Brooklands, science is based on asking questions that stimulate curiosity and are rooted in real life problems that are relevant to students. Then, using enquiry processes, we attempt to discover their answers!  Students are encouraged to engage with the world around them. Lessons are based around scientific investigation methods where students: hypothesise, carry out investigations, record results and draw conclusions from data through engaging and challenging activities.

We are well-equipped to teach science with a science dedicated classroom and two traditional fully-equipped laboratories, a senior science technician and a wide range of modern resources. Furthermore, our science teachers are specialists with years of industrial experience and a unwavering passion for their subject that visibly filtrates through their teaching.

Not only do we offer we a Year 8 options science class but KS2 students will be given the opportunity to undertake a science Crest award during a science lunchtime club.

Students have enjoyed discovering the adaptations of plants for photosynthesis and tie-dyed their own fabrics in Year 8 science option.
Have a look at the amazing Year 7 Cell Model homework photographs!
  • Ms C Corcoran

    Director of Science

  • Mrs J Siddle

    Teacher of KS2/KS3 Science

  • Mr A Macey

    Teacher of Year 5 Science

  • Mrs C Frazer

    Senior Science Technician