Sport Health & Wellbeing

5th Annual Sports Presentation Evening
Wednesday 8th July 2020

 Sport, Health & Wellbeing

The aim of Sport Health and Wellbeing is to develop students physically, emotionally and socially, through a range of balanced activities including Invasion Games, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Fielding, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities.

Through physical activity students develop their strength, stamina and co-ordination, and are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills which enable them to remain safe and to understand the life-long benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The personal and social aspects of the curriculum encourage students to develop positive relationships with others

Brooklands has an range of excellent sports facilities including a purpose built gymnasium, high quality changing rooms, a second large hall, outdoor basketball and netball courts as well as a large playing field including 3 football pitches and a rugby pitch.

Brooklands boasts an extensive range of specialist PE equipment including table tennis tables, archery, fencing sets and two competition trampolines. This allows us to offer a varied curriculum throughout the school year during three 50 minute PE lessons per week.

Throughout the school year we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities before school, during lunchtime and after school.

For the academic year 2017-18 Brooklands achieved The Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award. We have also been awarded the Youth Sport Trust Primary Gold Award 2017-19. 





PE and Sport Premium Funding

For the academic year 2017/18 the PE and Sport Premium funding doubled. This will enable us to:

·         Contribute to the Leighton Linslade School Sports Partnership

·         Carry out repairs and improvements to the school gymnasium

·         Offer staff CPD opportunities

·         Purchase brand new PE equipment

·         Improve curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities

·         Contribution to school minibus costs

Sports Presentation Evening
Award Winners 2018/2019

Sports Achievement 

Year 5                      Year 6                        Year 7                         Year 8                   

Erin Ryan                 Ella Simpson              Isabella Batchelor        Lille Mae Simonds

Frank Dean              George Foster            Billy Pyle                     Oakley Holmes


100% Commitment

Year 5                      Year 6                 Year 7                    Year 8                   

Tilly Watkins             Rosie Burley       Maisie McCann      Izabella Bruci                            

  Jack Weirich           Aaron Smith        Luke Jackson        Aidan Bryans



Brooklands Team of The Year

Yr 5/6 Girls Futsal Team


Brooklands Sports Personality

Lille Mae Simonds



Latest additions to the PE curriculum......Trampolines !!!
Sports Results 2018- 2019
 Yr 7/8 Dodgeball- A Team 3rd, B Team 2nd
Yr 8 Netball Team - 4th
Yr 7 Boys Football Team- 5th in League
Yr 7 Netball- A  Team 4th- B Team 5th
Yr 7/8  Dodgeball- Yr 7 2nd- Yr 8 3rd
Yr 5/6 Dodgeball- A Team 5th- B Team  WINNERS
Yr 5/6 Girls Table Tennis - 2nd
Yr 5/6 Boys Table Tennis- 2nd
Yr 7/8 Girls Table Tennis - 5th
Yr 7/8 Boys Table Tennis - 2nd
Yr 5 Football - A Team 2nd - B Team 3rd
Yr 6 Football - A Team 3rd - B Team 5th
Inclusion Yr 5/6 Football- 3rd
Yr 8 Girls Sports Hall Athletics- WINNERS
Yr 8 Boys Sports Hall Athletics- WINNERS
Inclusion Yr 7/8 Football- 4th
Yr 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics- 4th
Swimming Team - 4th
Yr 8 Basketball Girls- 2nd
Yr 7 Basketball Girls- 5th
Yr 7 Basketball Boys- 3rd
Yr 8 Basketball Boys- 4th
Yr 7/8 Boys Futsal - 4th
Yr 5/6/7/8 Boccia- WINNERS and 2nd
Yr 5/6 Girls Futsal- WINNERS
Yr 5/6 Futsal County Finals- WINNERS- Regionals Finals Qualified
Yr 7/8 Girls Handball- WINNERS
Yr 7/8 Boys Handball- 3rd
Yr 7/8 Boys Badminton- 2nd
Yr 7/8 Girls Badminton- 3rd
Yr 8 Girls Sports Hall Athletics County Finals- 4th
Yr 8 Boys Sports Hall Athletics County Finals - 6th
Yr 7 Girls Hockey- 2nd
Yr 8 Boys Hockey - 2nd
Yr 5/6 Mixed Hockey- WINNERS
Yr 5/6 Girls County Footbal Finals- 3rd
Yr 6 Girls Netball - 3rd
Yr 5/6 Futsal Regional Finals- WINNERS- Qualified for National Semi Finals
Yr 5/6 Football- 2nd
Yr 5 /6 National Semi Finals- 5th
Boccia County Finals - 3rd
Yr 7/8 Girls Tennis- 4th
Yr7/8 Boys Tennis- 5th
Yr 5/6 Mixed Tennis- 2nd and 4th
Yr 5/6 Girls Cricket- 2nd
Yr 5/6 Boys Cricket- 4th