Well Done Thomas

1st September 2014
Thomas Gillings, in Year 7, received a special award in assembly for an act of kindness outside of school.  We received an email from a Leighton Buzzard citizen telling us all about Thomas.
Thomas had seen a bike left unattended and unlocked and decided to take it home and try and locate the owner rather than leave the bike which could have been stolen or damaged.  On the way home another child spotted the bike as their brothers.  Thomas asked them some questions about it and informed the child that he was keeping it safe and returned the bike.  The parent of the child who's bike was missing wanted to let the school know and said we should be very proud of his honesty and thoughtfulness.
We thought Thomas should be rewarded for his kind deed and he received an award from Mr Harrington-Williams, Headteacher, in assembly.  Mr Harrington-Williams said "young people often get bad press so it is nice to see our students thinking of and helping others. Well done Thomas."
Thomas explained that he had had his scooter stolen from the park when he left it unattended and did not want the same thing to happen to another child.
Thomas is pictured receiving his award from Mr Harrington-Williams.