Year 4 Enrichment afternoon, March 2018

We welcomed 34 year 4's to Brooklands this week to do some art (including literacy and science!) and were very impressed by their enthusiasm and skills. We talked about at Vincent Van Gogh's life and his famous painting 'Sunflowers'. The Year 4's wrote about the painting and then did their own version. We then recycled some water bottles to create flower pots, decorated them, planted sunflower seeds and most importantly, named them. After some juice, biscuits and a run in the playground, we looked at the life cycle of a sunflower and wrote about / drew each stage. So much to do in such a short time, very well done to all the year 4's who completed every task brilliantly. Don't forget, for the students coming up to Brooklands in September, you need to try to grow the tallest sunflower for a prize when you join us.