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Brooklands School

Food Technology

We are keen at Brooklands to teach making and food preparation skills, hygiene and nutrition as well as investigating and discussing environmental, cultural and moral issues. 

We look at the healthy eating plate and how we can make and plan meals that use seasonal ingredients. We are keen on celebrating all cultural foods and include a local delicacy in our year 6 creations, the Bedfordshire Clangers.  We also look at and make foods from around the world.

Year 5 has a focus on chopping and preparation skills. This year the students will make Fruit Salad, Fruit Crumble and Quiche.  

Year 6 has an environmental theme and focuses on traditional British foods. The students make Bedfordshire Clangers, Scottish Stovies and Welsh cakes.

Year 7 focuses on the study of nutrition and the basics of carbohydrates and protein and the development of recipes on a theme; these include a Tomato Ragu sauce, Meatballs and Bread. 

Year 8 students focus on hygiene and continue with a cultural tour of how wraps are made and combined in meals in different countries as well as the history of Sushi. Students make healthy baked Spring Rolls, Burritos and Sushi.