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The music department is exciting, interactive, well equipped and provides students with a range of skills and opportunities. The music department at Brooklands is not just about playing Twinkle Little Star on the keyboard. In our department we range from teaching students about rap to classical composers, from African drumming to ukulele, from guitar to film music. Our students have an opportunity not just to listen to these but to also, perform, compose and even watch live performances. Students will develop skills such as reading music, mastering instruments such as keyboard, guitar, Ukulele and so much more and getting a chance to compose and use their own ideas to become inspiring new musicians. Our aim in Brooklands is to ensure students not only learn skills on a variety of instruments but to also ensure students have the opportunity to widen their knowledge about different cultures, beliefs and musical styles. Students also get the opportunity to learn the history of instruments and musical styles in which they can then link other subject to and use prior knowledge to solidify understanding. 

Extra Curricular

In music we go above and beyond to provide opportunities to improve their skills in music. At lunch times we provide clubs such as Guitar club, keyboard club, choir, and band workshop which students can form bands and have access to extra tuition. We also put on performances so that family and friends can come and enjoy the student’s musical talent.

We also put on a school show every year which is open to the entire school. Students get an opportunity to practice and perform a live show including singing, acting and dance, as well as being involved in making of set and costume. Students who do not want to participate in the show can also sigh up to help in hair and makeup, costume, set and lighting. This means that every student if they want to can be involved in the show and help produce something excellent to be proud of. 

On top of that we also have outside music tuition for students interested in playing an instrument outside of lesson time. These include:

Piano/ keyboard
Double bass

These are organised by the school and the teacher and are an extra payment. 

In partnership with the Art department we also give students an opportunity to go on trips to watch performances and whiteness art. For example last year Brooklands took the whole of year 5 to watch the BBC primary proms in the Royal Albert Hall and we took out year 8 options group to watch a ballet. This gives our students an opportunity to see how art and culture is important in society and enriches their cultural experiences. 

Our Curriculum.

Our curriculum has been designed against the national curriculum as well as keeping our students in mind. For example at Brooklands we focus a lot on keyboard skills and include this in every year group as we have noticed there is significant weaknesses in this area . Woven into every subject is also elements of music theory. Again this is due to the fact that the level of theory is another obvious weakness and that is why we are continuously addressing it and building on that knowledge. At Brooklands we have many different ways to check students are progressing in music. For example we have regular assessments and performances; also we have productions and school events that emphasise students’ progress in music. As a music department we have regular contact with parents and are always willing to hear parent feedback. As the music department is a tight community we have a close working relationship with our peri teachers and check progress with them on a regular basis to ensure the students are being stretched and challenged in music. 

Greater Depth

As a music department we strive for our students to succeed in music. Our goal is to have students blossom into confident performers. A student with a greater depth of knowledge would be a confident performer who can tackle challenging pieces such as anything grade 4 or above. Students taking external exams will be supported in lessons and be able to practice their music theory. 


The music department is not just for students who have been playing instruments for a long time. In music we encourage students of all ability to pick up an instrument and try something new. We do this through lessons and extra curriculum activates. At Brooklands we believe music is not only a fantastic skill but it is also extremely important to students wellbeing. Students can grow in confidence and become passionate about things as well as having an opportunity to perform and be creative. 

Music Curriculum Overview 2021_22


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