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Brooklands School

School Uniform


White polo shirt with yellow edging to collar 

School logo navy sweat top/School logo navy cardigan

School logo navy Hoodie (optional - pupils will still need to wear the sweat top or cardigan.  The school logo hoodie is the only one that will be accepted in school)

Black/charcoal grey tailored trousers, not leggings, denims or cords

Black/charcoal grey knee length skirt, not tight fitting

Black/charcoal grey tailored shorts, not sports shorts

Plain grey, navy or white socks

Plain grey, navy or white tights

Plain black low cut shoes

Black ankle boots can be worn in the winter.

Coats and other outdoor clothing may not be worn in school. Pupils arriving in trainers, of any kind, must leave them in their locker and wear suitable shoes in school at all times.

P.E. Kit

Navy blue polo shirt with school logo

Navy blue shorts or skort

Navy blue knee length sports socks (Brooklands logo sports socks optional)

Plain navy sweatshirt for cold weather

Black or white training shoes

Football boots (optional)

Navy blue tracksuit (optional)

Hair and Jewellery

The school does not permit pupils to have ‘extreme’ haircuts that could draw any undue attention to themselves by their peers or by members of the local community. Pupils must not have parts of their head shaved or have any patterns cut or shaved into their hair. Hair must not be dyed unnatural colours.

Pupils with pierced ears may wear a small pair of plain studs, one in each ear lobe. These must be removed for all PE lessons for Health and Safety reasons. No other jewellery with the exception of a wrist watch should be worn.

Please note your child may be asked to wear clean spare school uniform from school stocks if they do not arrive in the correct uniform. Failure to do so may result in a temporary exclusion until the correct uniform is worn.