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Homework is both important and necessary. Homework done regularly can be equivalent to a great deal of additional study.

When should I Give My Homework In?

Write in your planner when work is due in. Check your planner every evening to make sure you have sufficient time to complete it.

Who can help me?

We actively encourage you to ask your parents and carers to assist you with Homework as they are a valuable source of information. Other people who can help are Teachers, older siblings, grandparents, friends, librarians.

Where can I get more information?

Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, computer and the internet can all be used to access useful/additional information.

Do Your Homework...

  • Away from distractions
  • In a warm well-ventilated room
  • In a room with good lighting
  • In the same place each time, a place you link to study time, if possible, or a place you associate with study
  • Take regular breaks to help concentration
  • Check your work regularly to make sure you are meeting the objectives of the task
  • Review each piece of work you have completed and check it for mistakes.


  • Pupils who regularly complete homework are more successful in school and tests
  • Presentation is important
  • Always do your homework as carefully as you can
  • Above all, plan ahead to make the best use of time and do not leave projects until the last minute!
  • Do not doodle or decorate with stickers your school books or planner
  • Write neatly and carefully in blue/black ink
  • Maps, graphs and diagrams should be in pencil
  • Try to draft your work then check the content, organisation and accuracy. Then write up neatly
  • If you make a mistake cross it out with a single line or if your work is in pencil rub it out
  • Do not use correction fluid, which is not allowed in school.

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